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Bet365 Review

Website: Bet365.com
US Players: US Players Are NOT Accepted
Online Since: 2001
Welcome Bonus Up to £100
License: Gibraltar, Estonia, UK
Software: Multiple Providers
Location: UK
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  • Easy to use iOS and android app
  • Long list of banking options
  • Top notch customer support
  • Long wait times for in-play portal
  • Multiple restricted countries
Welcome Bonus Up to £100
Overall 80%
The Sportsbook 90%
The Casino 80%
Banking Options 90%
Mobile Compatibility 70%
Customer Service 90%

I have to preface this review by coming clean about a couple of things. First
off, I am a huge fan of betting online. I have been in the industry for almost
two decades, and one of the main drivers keeping me in the business is my love
of the online gambling world and my desire to do my part to make it better for

The other thing that I need to confess is that I asked the company
specifically if I could write this review. Why, you may be asking, would that be
the case? Well, it is because, after all these years, Bet365 is a site I have
heard about, known about and yet had never tried. So, come along with me as I
recant my first experience playing with this site.


As you can imagine, someone who has reviewed hundreds of online gambling
sites can have immediate likes and dislikes when it comes to site design. I like
to take a very open approach to my reviews. I assume that some smart people are
in each company, but hope that they add their own unique take to their version
of an online gambling site.

Now, on to the site. My first instinct was to say, “Wow, this looks
outdated,” but I am trying to see past that. In fact, the first thing that
caught my attention was the number of languages listed down the left side of the
homepage. It is clear that Bet365 has built their business for an international
audience. Personally, I LOVE that the company has taken the time to get the site
translated into different languages.

When I come to a site for the first time, I am looking for two specific
things: a clean homepage, and a clear indication of how to create an account. I
found both of these at Bet365. Yes, the page is a little dated, but I would much
prefer that than a cluttered page full of promotions I am not interested in. The
homepage cleanly shows you all the games they have to offer, and when you click
on any of the banners, you are taken to the registration page. A few bits of
info later, I was ready to make a deposit and get playing! Overall, I am very
impressed with the ease of account creation.

Sports Betting

I am not a player who cares too much about getting big bonuses. I am going to
play without any motivation, but if there is an easy bonus to acquire, then I
will sign up for it.

I started my betting life at Bet365 in the sportsbook area of the site. Did I
mention that I think I know a lot about sports? Specifically, I am well versed
in all the North American sports and know just enough about other events that
can make me dangerous haha.

One thing I like to do is work with a game or two and then box them into a
few parlays and teasers where applicable. This is especially true during the NFL
season, where I think I can find a lot of value in certain plays. I didn’t want
to get too carried away with things in my first set of bets, so I chose to keep
my bets at a nice low amount.

This also allowed me to test the software from a betting perspective, and let
me tell you, I loved what I found. Not only is it easy to find the games and
leagues you are looking for (no easy task, given how many sports Bet365 offers),
but I was also able to make my parlay and teaser bets without any issues at all.

Some sportsbook software can be a bit cumbersome, but not the Bet365 stuff.

I was able to make my bets quickly, and in my account, I can swiftly pull up my
betting history.

With those bets in, I was able to have a peek at the other leagues I could
make bets on, and this is where I was totally amazed. As I mentioned, Bet365 is
a globally-focused company, but I had no idea that anyone would want to make a
bet on some of the minor league events happening around the world. For me, I’ll
stick to what I know, but if you are looking for some 4th division German soccer
odds, you will find them at this site!


I am going to be honest here: I wouldn’t know anything about eSports if it
weren’t for my teenage kid. I remember the first time he told me about it –
watching people play video games on YouTube – and my first instinct was a very
“old-person” response. However, after I took a deep breath, I realized that we
made poker a massive phenomenon mainly through people watching it on television.

The next thing I realized is that you can BET ON THE OUTCOME OF GAMES! Yes,
there is a whole set of professional players (imagine telling your folks that
was your new career choice), and the major events held around the world are
popular with bettors.

I can’t profess enough to tell you if what Bet365 has to offer is good or not
compared to other gaming sites, but when you click on the esports tab, there are
many events listed, so that is a great start for those of you who may be

Bet365 Casino

I don’t usually stop with sports betting. In fact, I have been known to spend
a considerable amount of time outside the sportsbook area in my favorite Las
Vegas casinos.

This theory also applies to online betting. Although I am more likely to flip
through the channels to catch the scores of the games I am betting, I am still
looking for a way to get a gambling fix, and casino games are always there to
help me.

I will spare you all the details about the casino games you will find at
Bet365. Let’s just say that you would be hard-pressed not to find what you are
looking for, and for me on the day of my review, the game was Pai Gow Poker. If
you haven’t played Pai Gow before, I can tell you it is one of the best games to
play if you are sweating out some sportsbook tickets. I love the game, and the
version at Bet365 had everything I needed – speed, great graphics, and decent

Mobile Compatibility

Another factor in my ratings of any site I am reviewing is how easily I can
access the games via mobile. Mobile can be tricky in the gambling space,
especially when it comes to having apps built and approved by mobile operators.
I am one of the lucky ones; where I live, there is an actual Bet365 app in the
iTunes store! This is super news for me, as I am on the go a lot and definitely
don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to find an edge when making my bets.

Not only can I make the standard sports bets through the app, but I can also
make live in-game bets from my phone. This is a feature that I love, because
sometimes there is an injury or another event that makes me want to put more
money down during the game. Yes, I am very aware this makes me sound like a
degenerate, but I consider myself more of an “active” gambler.

You can also access the casino and poker games from your mobile device, which
means you don’t have to be tied to your laptop or PC to enjoy all that Bet365
has to offer! I love the flexibility of being able to play some blackjack on the
go, or start a poker tournament on my laptop but then move to my phone. I tried
this out during my review to see if there would be any issues and was very
pleased to see that I was able to continue playing once I logged out of my PC.

Customer Service

I know my experience with a site is positive when I don’t need to use their customer service team.

I checked out the site to see what options were available
and found out that you can contact the support team by email, Live Chat, and
telephone. Hell, they even post their mailing address! Hopefully you won’t need
them too much, but if you do, it looks like there are loads of ways to reach


I loved playing with Bet365. And I mean that as a gambler, not just as
someone who reviews sites. I think they are doing a lot of things well, and I am
sure that I will be back playing with this site regularly. I highly recommend
you give them a try. You might not be as advanced a player as someone like me,
but you are still going to love what you see at this industry leader!

Bet365 FAQ

Is the mobile version of Bet365 identical to the desktop/laptop version?

No, the mobile version has a limited
library and customer service features compared to the
traditional Web version.

Has Bet365 ever been in trouble for ripping off a customer?

I scoured the Internet for negative reviews, and all I could
find were the usual complaints about withdrawals and bonus
amounts. Go check out the AskGambler review for Bet365 and
you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’m not sure any of those
complaints are legitimate. Since the review also says most
complaints are resolved within one week, I don’t think you’ll
have any trouble depositing money or placing bets at Bet365.

Will Bet365 re-open for the American market?

If they know what’s good for them, they will. Americans love
online gambling, and I guarantee you if Bet365 could think of a
way to do business with Americans and maintain their licensure
and reputation, they’d do it in a heartbeat.

How long do Bet365 withdrawals stay in their “pending period?”

This is an excellent question – too often, cashout times
don’t consider the impact of the pending period wait-time.
According to the various reviews I check out, it looks like most
deposits are pending for less than 24 hours.