Top Giro D’Italia Betting Sites for 2021

The Giro D’Italia, also known as the Tour of Italy, is one of the biggest
professional cycling races in the world and one of the most popular cycling
races to bet on. It’s also the first of three Grand Tours for the UCI World
Tour, which is the elite road cycling circuit for professional cycling. The Tour
de France and the Vuelta a Espana are the other two races that make up cycling’s
premiere Grand Tours. The Giro is a three week long, multi-stage race that
primarily takes place in Italy, but will occasionally spend a stage or two
venturing outside of the country’s borders. First held in 1909, the Giro
D’Italia is not only popular with cycling fans throughout the globe, but also
with sports bettors. If you are looking to bet on the Giro D’Italia then check
out our incredible list of the best Giro D’Italia betting sites.

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How to Choose the Best Giro D’Italia Betting Site

Not all Giro D’Italia betting sites are the same. In fact, just like in the
race itself, online betting sites for cycling can also have a pecking order.
With that said, we’ve scoured through the cycling sports betting websites to
bring you the best Giro D’Italia online sportsbooks based on the following criteria:

Ease of Use

When competing in a Grand Tour like the Giro, cycling teams have to be 100%
compatible with each other. This is so the team can accomplish whatever goals
they set forth prior to the start of the Giro. For example, a team that has an
overall GC contender that could win the Giro D’Italia
will have a team that supports the GC contender all race long. There’s a blend of climbers to help him
in the mountains and a few riders that can navigate the tricky flat roads in and
out of towns.

The best Giro D’Italia betting websites must have the same compatibility with
bettors as cycling teams do in the race. For starters, make sure that when
betting on Giro D’Italia, your computer or mobile device is compatible with the
online betting site. Additionally, make sure that the cycling sports betting
site has a mobile betting platform.
Without a mobile betting platform, you won’t
be able to participate in betting on cycling while on the go, which is the
equivalent of riding a spin bike compared to a road bike.

Variety of Cycling Betting Wagers

The Giro D’Italia is one of three dozen races on the UCI World Tour. However,
cycling betting sites don’t offer betting odds on all of these races. Largely
due to a lack of action or handle from bettors. With that said, the best Giro
D’Italia online sportsbooks have the majority of these races available for those
looking at placing cycling bets all season long.

Banking Options

When it comes to professional cycling teams, it’s all about winning a race
and having the financial backers to keep the team running. Without a team
sponsor, there’s no cycling team. The same can be said for a Giro D’Italia
betting site.

Without a variety of banking options, there’s no reason to use
that online betting site.

It’s important to have banking options for depositing funds into your account
and withdrawing your winnings. If you are limited to just a few banking options
then you might not be able to even deposit money into your account depending on
where you live. For example, there are numerous restrictions in the United
States for banks and credit cards with gambling.

Furthermore, a popular trend with online betting sites is offering bonuses
based on the type of deposit you use. If an online betting site has limited
banking options then you won’t even be able to take advantage of these bonuses.

Fast Payout Giro D’Italia Betting Sites

When it comes to cycling, the bunch sprints at the end of a Giro D’Italia
stage are breathtaking to watch. It’s the most organized chaos you will ever see
as lead-out trains try to put their sprinters in the best position to win the
stage. With online betting sites, speed is also very crucial for cycling bettors
to have a successful experience.

We’re not just talking about how fast a sports betting website loads, we’re
talking about how fast they pay out your winnings. After placing Giro D’Italia
bets, it’s very important to receive your winnings as fast as possible.

The best Giro D’Italia betting sites pay out within a few minutes.

This is a stark contrast to the online betting sites that can take a few hours before your
winnings show up in your account.

Another aspect where cycling betting sites need to be fast is with your
withdrawals. Our list of the best Giro D’Italia betting websites will confirm
and process your withdrawal in a few hours rather than a few days like with the
inferior cycling betting sites out there.

Customer Support

Cycling teams come with plenty of support personnel to help the team perform
at their best. The top teams in the league like Team Sky, have support staff
that cook food, does the laundry, makes travel arrangements, drives the bus,
fixes the bikes and so on. It truly is a team effort.

The best Giro D’Italia betting websites also treat bettors like they are a
part of the team and do all that they can to help each bettor have the most
successful experience when betting on cycling. This can include answering
questions, walking new bettors through depositing funds or even withdrawing
funds, resolve questions about betting on Giro D’Italia and more. Without high
quality customer support, it would be like riding a bike with two flat tires.

Best Giro D’Italia Betting Site Bonuses

The best Giro D’Italia online sportsbooks offer several types of bonuses and
promotions like a multi-stage race. In addition to the banking bonus mentioned
above, Giro D’Italia betting websites also offer the following bonuses:

Ease of Use
Sites that are well designed and easy to use provide a much better experience.
Our suggested sites are all easy for you to navigate and utilize.

Variety of Sports Wagers
Having choices in wagers allows for more excting betting options.
It’s critical that our recommended sites have a broad coverage of sports wagers.

Banking Options
There should be a number of methods for getting your funds online.
We only recommend sites with broad deposit and withdrawal banking options.

Fast Payouts
If we win some money, we shouldn’t have to wait long for our cashout.
You won’t have to wait forever to get your money from our top picks.

Quality Customer Service
Good customer support enhances user experience.
Receive top-notch customer service from some of the best in the industry.

Bonuses and Promotions
We all appreciate getting some extra value, so these are a must.
Our suggested sites all offer you the opportunity to earn loads of bonus cash.

First Time Deposits

When you first sign up with one of these Giro D’Italia betting online sites,
you are eligible for first time bonuses based on the amount you initially
deposit. Depending on which sports betting site you choose, your first time
deposit bonus can be anywhere from 50% to 100% of your initial bonus up to a few
thousand dollars. And, when you sign up with multiple online betting websites,
then you can take advantage of these first time bonuses at each sports betting

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are great for cycling bettors who are already signed up for
one of the best Giro D’Italia betting sites and go to make another deposit. Some
of these sports betting sites offer reload bonuses up to 50% of your next
deposit. So, if you wager on the Giro D’Italia and need to reload by time the
Tour de France comes around two months later then you will be rewarded with
another bonus.

Free Cycling Bets

One way that these best Giro D’Italia betting sites reward new users is by
offering a free sports bet. So, if you are looking to use this free wager for
betting on cycling then you can potentially win money without risking any of
your own funds.

Giro D’Italia Betting FAQ

What type of Giro D’Italia Wagers do these Online Betting Sites Offer?

For those new to betting on cycling, or those looking for the most types of
available wagers offered, the best Giro D’Italia betting sites have the
following cycling wagers available:

  • Pink Jersey (Race Winner) – the pink jersey is given out to
    the overall leader of the race. It’s the premiere jersey of the Giro D’Italia
    and the rider wearing it at the end of the three weeks is the overall race
    winner. This jersey is rewarded to the rider with the best overall time in the
    Giro. Online betting sites will have a list of 20 to 30 cyclists who they list
    odds on winning the pink jersey.
  • Blue Jersey (King of the Mountains) – the blue jersey is
    rewarded to the rider who earned the most points during mountain climbs and
    finishes in the mountains. Typically sports betting sites will have about 10
    cyclists listed with betting odds for this specific wager.
  • Red Jersey (Points Classification) – the red jersey is
    rewarded to the cyclist who has the most points after a stage and after the
    Grand Tour is completed. Points are earned by which place a rider crosses the
    finish line. Typically, this jersey is relegated to the sprinters as they often
    have more Top 5 or Top 10 finishes than GC riders or mountain climbers. Like
    with the blue jersey and the white jersey, cycling betting sites often have
    about 10 riders with listed betting odds on winning this jersey.
  • White Jersey (Best Young Rider) – any rider under the age of
    25 can qualify for this jersey. However, it’s only worn by the young rider with
    the best overall time throughout the three week race and at the conclusion of
    the Grand Tour. Most Giro D’Italia betting websites list about 5 to 10 riders
    with odds on winning this competition. And, out of all of the jerseys, it’s the
    one that dwindles down the fastest in regards to betting options.
  • Stage Winner – In addition to wagering on the jerseys above,
    cycling bettors can also place wagers on who they think will win an individual
    stage, the day of the stage.
  • Team Winners – in addition to individual accomplishments,
    the Giro offers rewards to the best cycling team throughout the Grand Tour.
    Cycling bettors can wager on which team they think will capture the team
  • Future Bets – the best Giro D’Italia betting sites offer
    future bets for upcoming races and for the next year’s Giro. Typically, the
    future bets are for major cycling races like the Tour de France.

How do these Online Betting sites list the odds?

Since almost all of the races on the UCI World Tour are international, many
of the cycling betting sites list the odds as fractions or decimal points. For
American bettors, that may be confusing to the +100 odds format that they’re
used to. The best Giro D’Italia betting sites will offer users the option of
listing the odds in American of English (International) formats. If you are
still confused about the formats then check out our handy
Converter tool
so that you know what the cycling odds are and how much money
is at stake for each Giro D’Italia bet.